Tazeen is a highly sought after female events host with experience chairing events around the world.

She moderates conferences and away-days, MCs large events and facilitates corporate videos and meetings across the UK and internationally.

Tazeen Dhunna Presenter
Tazeen Dhunna Presenter
Public Speaking and Presenting London and UK



Would always be happy to work with Tazeen Dhunna. She has all the verities: People skills, insightful observations, a way with words, and something rare -- understanding. She also wields a top class degree and major market business news experience, as well as wider media experience. Tazeen Dhunna is an asset wherever she is.

Annie Bowen, CNN, London

“Tazeen, is an engaging presenter, whether she is presenting on behalf of the institutional investor show, or more emotionally evolved content concerning matters of the heart, her diversity, breadth of knowledge and quick wit will keep your audience captivated from start to finish.”


The Greg Secker Foundation


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