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Media & Communication


Having interviewed leading CEOs, and professionals across the business world as a reporter and presenter for Bloomberg TV coupled with having been interviewed myself by the BBC, British Muslim TV, Renegade TV and other networks as Founder of Humanity’s Heart, I know what it takes to be ready for communicating effectively on TV and how to best feel prepared for media interviews.


Media Training

Image Consultant in London

From how to look your best on camera, to feeling fully prepared and confident for media interviews.

The step by step approach is tailored to suit your needs and requirements to help you show up with a more engaging presence.

I work with you to communicate your message with authenticity clarity and impact.

Communication Consultancy

Best Image Consultant London

Get better at presenting and learn how to harness your energy effectively.

I will support you in writing persuasive presentation, prepare for different audiences and to create impact with your appearance.

I work with you to use authentic language, learn about voice pitch and tone and how to end and handle the unexpected.

Film Making

Media Training London

I offer bespoke consultancy services to film makers interested in making meaning.

I work with my team of top end videographers and editors to produce high quality films.

From preparing the pitch, to exploring funding and distribution options, I offer tailor made consultancy to fit the needs of your project.

My Films

Trailer to Humanity Rising
in the Refugee Crisis

Trailer to Humanity Rising in the Refugee Crisis

Lost Generation
& Education

A short documentary exploring the Lost Generation in the largest humanitarian crisis of our time

Technology in
the Refugee Crisis

A short film exploring the use of technology to help solve the refugee crisis