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How do you look? How do you communicate? or How do you show up in Life?




My offering to you: deepen your personal connection to Presence both outer and inner. Image and its role in effective communication has always fascinated me. Over the last decade I’ve been a passionate student of transformation, working on the inner relationship we hold to Presence. 

My deepest joy is to help people show up as the best versions of themselves. Showing up, for example, in that first impression through how you look, how you communicate in person, present in public, or come across on camera or TV. 

Connection to Presence informs all my work, as image consultant, media trainer, presenter and film coach. You can benefit from gems of insight that have shaped my own inner and outer journey through a decade of discovery. I share what I witness, to inspire and to fuel positive change. 

Sharing my own learning about the expansion of our energetic experiences will I hope inspire you to show up with greater Presence for your own life.

Your energy introduces you before you even speak
— Tazeen

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Presence determines the degree of our alertness, openness, and warmth.
— Kabir Helminksi, Sufi author and teacher.